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Year 3 visit to Hungers Heath Farm

In June, each of the Y3 classes visited Hungers Heath Farm and Tea Rooms, which is located at Lordsley, between Market Drayton and Newcastle – Under – Lyme.       


During the visit, the children were given a guided tour of the farm, including the milking parlour, the farm shop and the cattle shed where the new-born calves were being cared for.  As they walked around the farm, the children met the farmer who explained the process of milking the cows and answered any questions the children had about farm life.


Some classes, weather permitting, were able to venture up to the fields where the strawberries were just ripening up. The children were given the opportunity to pick some juicy strawberries to taste, before heading off to the tearooms.

Once seated in the tearooms, the children were treated to some delicious homemade cupcakes and fruit juice.              


Hungers Heath provided a great finale to our Year 3 field trips this year. Another year of exciting outdoor learning packed with new experiences.

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