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Eco School

Our school is proud to have a hard working Eco-Committee, aptly called Eco-Warriors that is made up of one nominated child from each class across the school.


The aim of our Eco-Committee is to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of the school for both pupils and for staff, and to engage the wider community.


Currently, our Eco Committee are working hard to help make Market Drayton Junior School as environmentally friendly as possible. See below what our school is doing to help the environment:


-The Eco-Warriors have set up recycling bins in the dinner hall and staff room to encourage the recycling of plastics, tins and cardboard.


-There are compost bins around the school which are emptied into larger compost bins in the garden.


-We are continuing to work hard to reduce the amount of paper that we use in school. Our school app allows letters to be accessed via the school website rather than being printed and sent home. We also continue to remind our teachers to think carefully before photocopying and printing


.-Each class is provided with a recycling paper box which the class and teacher are encouraged to use.


-Our school takes part in national Walk to School Week to help encourage a healthy lifestyle and sustainable travel. 

We have an eco-code which is displayed around the school reminding all the children and teachers about how we can be more environmentally friendly and help save the environment.

Please support us by following our Eco-code.

Woodland Trust’s Green Tree School Award



Our school is proud to be taking part in the Green Tree School award scheme and we are delighted to have achieved the Bronze Award in 2019.


The Green Tree School Award helps to link the work our Eco-Committee carries out with the work completed during each classes Forest School sessions. The Green Tree Award rewards schools for completing environmental projects and for encouraging outdoor learning. It is a fun and fantastic way to help the school celebrate our natural environment!


We are now working hard to achieve our Silver Award. 


We held a whole school competition in which children were tasked with designing an autumnal scene using (mostly) recycled and natural materials. We had a pleasing number of entries all of which showed tremendous flair and creativity! Cecily in Year 3 was our runner up, and Year 5’s Maddie took first prize.


We have introduced the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ challenge in which the children are encouraged to get outside and are rewarded for every 5 ‘things’ they undertake. This is open to all children and has no deadline or time limit – speak to Mrs Field if you would like further details.


We are working really hard to reduce the amount of paper that we use in school. Miss Brayne has recently purchased a school app which allows letters to be accessed via the school website rather than being printed and sent home. We are also gently reminding our teachers to think carefully before photocopying and printing.


In our constant quest to reduce our carbon footprint, each class has recently appointed light, whiteboard and window monitors to ensure that we are not unnecessarily wasting energy.


We are looking after wildlife around our school by making recycled bird feeders, and solitary bee homes are soon to follow!


Following an increase in the appearance of chocolate covered cereal bars, we have recently had a big push on healthy snacks at playtime and we are asking that children bring ideally fruit or vegetable snacks with them.


Linked closely to this, we are hoping to see an increase in the amount of fruit waste being composted throughout the school – green bins are now on the playground at all times.

Second Green Flag Award

Interactive Bar