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Year 4

Food for Thought

During our geography topic the children will learn about the climate and biomes in different parts of the world. They will look closely at the origins of food and what land is used for in different parts of the Uk and South America. This will lead into investigating food miles and choices that can be made as a consumer. Furthermore, the children will develop an awareness of their own individual responsibilities as a global citizen in making a difference by reducing their carbon footprint and learning how they can support businesses in their local community.


The children will be developing atlas skills by comparing South America and the British Isles.


 In Literacy, the children will begin by exploring and writing their own poetry, inspired by the Amazon Rainforest. They will then focus on imaginary worlds which will lead into ‘Talk for Writing’ activities. Linked to a D.T project, the children will write instructions for making biscuits. Children’s vocabulary will be enriched and extend through their English lessons word of the day activities.


During the term, the children will be evaluating and designing their own biscuits. Their focus will be on appearance, texture and taste.  Packaging activities will enhance design skills linked to a purposeful outcome.

The children will be set a Homework Project researching different countries in South America.

Useful information

Please ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor kit in school on the appropriate days: Games = Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

Maths homework given out on Monday and due in Thursday.
Literacy homework given out on Monday and due in on Thursday.
Spellings given out on Friday and tested on the following Friday.


Please continue to read regularly, practice spellings and times tables. 

Maths areas to be worked on at home: times tables, telling the time and money.

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