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Market Drayton Junior School

Market Drayton Junior School

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Learning Behaviours

Learning Behaviours


At Market Drayton Junior School we want children to become successful learners. To help them develop the necessary skills the children are introduced to eight learning behaviours. During our Friday assembly, the children are awarded certificates, which focus on the learning behaviour they have demonstrated during their lessons.


In addition, the children are taught that:


Successful people feel good about:

•How hard they have tried.

•Who they are and what they spend their time doing.

•The choices they have in their lives.


Here are some things everyone should know…

•You are not born successful.

•Everyone has setbacks and failures. First Attempt In Learning

•The first step to success is choosing.


Learning Traits

▪ Not afraid to try- I can do attitude

▪ Extend comfort zone

▪ Be proactive– thinking ahead for challenges

▪Use your initiative– power to follow through with a plan or task

▪ Explore and try new: approaches, methods, ideas, clubs, activities

▪ Try your best at all times

▪ Understand that nothing comes easily

▪ Be self motivated– complete homework and tasks

▪ Take pride and responsibility for own Learning

▪ Use time effectively and finish

▪ Tune out distractions

▪ Maintain focus and purpose

▪ Develop relaxing techniques from a

world of technology

▪ Prioritise– What’s needed first/ next?

▪ Organise thoughts and resources

▪ Take risks and challenge yourself

▪ Be ambitious

▪ Push through personal doubt

▪ Set personal goals and targets

▪ Make challenging decisions when given the choice in your own learning.

▪ Think outside the box!

▪ Share ideas and magpie

▪ Be flexible and adaptable

▪ Make links– connect learning

▪ Be curious and inquisitive

▪ Evaluate and improve

▪ Practice, practice, practice!

▪ Build on learning– learn from errors

▪ Be prepared for setbacks

▪ Understand your next steps and how to achieve these

▪ Listen carefully and respond thoughtfully with supporting reasons

▪ Be respectful of others

▪ Question the world around you

▪ Display empathy and value others

▪ Work collaboratively: learning partners, groups, teams.

▪ Believe in yourself!

▪Develop staying power– don’t give up

▪ Be competitive yet encourage others

▪ Display resilience– recover quickly

▪ Apply different strategies to continue

learning and find answers

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