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Lesson 1

Hello Children,

I hope you are all OK.


I have a home learning music activity for you to have a go at.

To warm up sing the song on the video clip and have a go at the actions. The song may be a bit silly, but the actions are quite a challenge! If you are in year four some of you have sung this song with me in your music lessons, try and make up some new verses.


Have a look at this activity below. It’s all about playing instruments as part of a band, playing rhythms at the correct time and following the shape symbols on the score. Have fun!


Can Can Percussion Playalong

Can Can 1 - Percussion

Can Can Percussion Playalong - 4 symbols for example handdrum, tambourine, claves and triangle/shakers or alternative instruments or even movements/bodypercu...



Before you play this video, you might like to find any percussion instruments you have at home, such as drums, claves (rhythm sticks) or maracas. Or you could make a homemade drum out of a small plastic bucket or box, or a shaker from putting pasta or Lego in a Tupperware box. You could just play along using body percussion, such as clap along or tap your knees too.

Play this video. When the turtle jumps on a symbol you play your instrument at the same time!

On the video, there are 4 symbols (triangle, circle, cross, tambourine).  Find or make 4 different instruments and each symbol will represent a different instrument.

You could try playing all the symbols and instruments yourself, or ask someone at home to join in!

Or, use household items, as suggested in this video, to play along with the same music!

Can Can - Home edition - percussion

Special-quarantine-situation-video nr. 2 1. find something that makes noise, like an instrument, a can, pot, potlid... 2. try to form 4 teams. Each team need...

How did you get on?

Did you manage to follow the score?

Did you play the correct instrument to match the symbol?

To take this further you could try the same activity with four actions instead of four instruments.


All the Best and enjoy the sunshine,

from Mrs. Alston

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