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Online Safety

Being online and using the internet is just like being in the real world - you can chat to people, play games and share pictures. But sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say nasty things to you which upset you, or you may see something that you don’t like.


If this happens, you must remember that it’s not your fault.


Always tell a trusted adult straight away if you are upset or worried about something that has happened online.


Helping you remain safe when using the Internet and teaching you how to react to any potential problems is extremely important. The information on this page will help you to: Be safe. Be smart. Have fun online.


Remember: follow the SMART Rules 

What to do if you need help


If you have any concerns or worries about something you have seen or heard on the internet remember you can get help by:

Safer Internet Day 2017


Today, 7th February, we are celebrating Safer Internet Day, with the theme ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’ with a focus on ‘The Power of Image’, looking at the ways people use image and video to communicate with each other.


The film below looks at the power of images online - how an image can create an impression and how often there is more than meets the eye in an image. How sometimes you can judge an image by seeing just a part of it and so the importance of taking in the whole, bigger, picture.

The bigger picture - Safer Internet Day 2017 film for 7-11 year olds

Safer Internet Day 2016

Play your part for a better internet:

This Safer Internet Day let’s make the internet a place of kindness and respect!

Be kind online: before you say what’s on your mind ask yourself is it kind?

Look out for your friends: if you see something mean online then report it, block the person and tell a parent or another trusted adult. 

Respect each other’s differences online: we're not all the same, and that's what makes us great! 

Play your part: help make the internet a kind place for everyone!

Safer Internet Day 2016: Red and Murphy talk to Smartie about helping your friends online

Our old friends from Belfast Red and Murphy have joined us again this year for Safer Internet Day 2016 and this time they meet our favourite penguin - Smartie! In this film they talk about how to help friends who are being bullied online and what we can all do to make the internet a kinder place for everyone.

Safer Internet Day 2016: Molly and Harvey discuss rules on being kind online

Molly and Harvey have a discussions about what their own rules for being kind online. Molly and Harvey are ambassadors for the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Programme and friends of ours. This SID TV film forms part of our Safer Internet Day 2016 campaign.

Jessica's Wish - an animation for Safer Internet Day by Jude

Created by 11 year old animator for Safer Internet Day 2016, using the UK Safer Internet Centre's poem 'Jessica's Wish'. Visit for more information about Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day 2015: Animation: Let's create a better internet together!

In support of Safer Internet Day 2015, Barnsley animation company, Tarnished Studios, have given their time and skills to create this animation about kindness online, which can be used by schools, youth groups and other organisations to help promote Safer Internet Day. Find out more about the campaign

Safer Internet Day 2015: Animation: Connect with Respect

Safer Internet Day 2015 is taking place on 10th February. A better internet is #Up2Us! This animation was originally launched for Safer Internet Day 2013, but the message continues to be relevant as we call for all internet users to be kind online.

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