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Online Safety

Being online and using the internet is just like being in the real world - you can chat to people, play games and share pictures. But sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say nasty things to you which upset you, or you may see something that you don’t like.


If this happens, you must remember that it’s not your fault.


Always tell a trusted adult straight away if you are upset or worried about something that has happened online.


Helping you remain safe when using the Internet and teaching you how to react to any potential problems is extremely important. The information on this page will help you to: Be safe. Be smart. Have fun online.


Remember: follow the SMART Rules 


What to do if you need help


If you have any concerns or worries about something you have seen or heard on the internet remember you can get help by:

Safer Internet Day Virtual Assembly 2022

Safer Internet Day 2022 will be celebrated on February 8th with the theme 'All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online'. Use this assembly to #PlayYourPart and start a conversation.

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