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Market Drayton Junior School

Market Drayton Junior School

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Learning Skills and Growth Mindset

Learning Skills and Growth Mindset


Through the provision of rich and varied activities, we aim to:


  • Enable pupils to securely acquire a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • Enable pupils to make connections across areas of learning, to think creatively and solve problems;
  • Encourage pupils to work hard with a positive attitude and motivation to succeed;
  • Encourage pupils to seek and be resilient to challenge, and to learn from their mistakes;
  • Develop pupils’ capacity to learn and work both independently and in collaboration with peers.

Whole School Approach


You may have heard your children talking about how they have used the ‘Lightning Bolt Effect’ at school! This is our very own approach developed with the children in our school. We celebrate that mistakes are learning in school and this process identifies their own learning journey, which allows them to reflect effectively to identify mindset tools, required to succeed.


We want our children to understand that nothing comes easily without effort, motivation and perseverance. With the implementation of the ‘Lightning Bolt Effect’ our children will have mind set tools to assist their development, decision making and aspirations for the rest of their lives.


The Lightning Bolt Effect is the learning journey of which a child experiences. The awareness of Leader Stopping Points are crucial to a child’s learning and within planning opportunities. It is paramount that these are guaranteed in order for a child to exercise, build and add to their mindset tools.


A mindset can be static (fixed) or developing (growth). The application of mindset tools at Leader Stopping Points throughout a child’s growth mirrors how effectively the mindset is developing. This in turn will affect the final learning, emotional or behavioural outcome.


Learning behaviours and attitudes are integral elements to our classroom practise and ethos of the school. We strive towards in giving our children the mindset tools to have belief in their actions that will result in them achieving anything they want and instilling the view that anything is possible!


This process has influenced all of our minds in a Lightning Bolt manner. Understanding the steps needed in learning to learn, will therefore create change and excitement in what evolves next.

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