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Personal, Social and Health Education

PSHE aims to promote children’s personal and moral development through raising awareness of health and safety issues, and developing confidences and independence.  In turn this will provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make informed choices and decisions throughout their lives.  PSHE enables children to develop personally and socially by addressing many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are now part of the ‘growing up’ process.


It is our aim that, during their time in our school, children are guided to become:

  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Successful learners

In order to help us accomplish this goal, we have adopted twelve ‘drivers’, known to the children as ‘Keys to Success’, that run throughout the school, and which underpin, not just the PSHE curriculum, but the curriculum as a whole.


Thus, in striving to become confident individuals, the children learn about ‘aiming high’ and ‘pride’; in their development as responsible citizens, the children consider the concepts of ‘making a difference’, ‘respect’, ‘democracy’ and ‘community’; in nurturing successful learners we explore the importance of ‘perseverance’, ‘questioning’, ‘reasoning’, ‘cooperation’ and ‘reflection’.


Teachers are encouraged to be flexible in their planning and delivery of PSHE so that it meets the needs of the children in their class and addresses relevant, current issues that the children will have to deal with.


In addition, one full morning per half term (3 hours) will be devoted to a PSHE session. 3 of these session will be whole school, during which the children are vertically grouped into PSHE classes. The content of these sessions is currently organised into a 4 year rolling programme. The remaining 3 sessions will be delivered to children in their own classes and will focus on mental and physical health, relationships, social and personal development.

4 Year PSHE Programme


1st Year – this year focuses on the children’s personal and social development as well as staying healthy. They will undertake lessons related to; health and happy minds, being resilient, growth mindset, positive thinking, healthy and happy friendships and similarities and differences. These sessions link to the ‘perseverance’, ‘cooperation’, ‘reflection’, ‘respect’ and ‘reflection’ drivers.


2nd Year – the second year of our curriculum focuses on the children’s social development, relationships and staying healthy. They will cover the following topics; healthy and happy minds, friendship, online safety, happy and healthy friendships and similarity and differences. These sessions will address the ‘questioning’, ‘cooperation’, ‘reasoning’, ‘possibilities’ and ‘respect’ drivers.


3rd Year – this year focuses on the children’s social development, their economic awareness and health education. Each PSHE class will learn about important global issues e.g. plastic pollution. The aim of this is to raise awareness of important issues and also help the children to understand how they can make a difference to not just their local community but also on a wider scale. They will also cover the following topics; healthy and happy minds, healthy and happy friendships and similarities and differences. The sessions will link to ‘community’, ‘global citizenship’, ‘making a difference’, ‘respect’ and ‘cooperation’ drivers.


4th Year – in the fourth year, the children will undertake a number of lessons, each devoted to a different area of personal and social development, economic awareness and health education. They will cover the topics; healthy and happy minds, money sense, potential careers, healthy and happy friendship and similarities and differences. The sessions during this year will address the ‘cooperation’, ‘community’, ‘perseverance’, ‘pride’, ‘reflection’, ‘aim high’, ‘respect’ and ‘making a difference’ drivers.


Links with Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)


Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 will take part in the Discovery Education Relationships and Health programme (Year 6 will also take part in the Sex Education part of the Discovery Education programme) - which focuses on; learning how to look after their bodies by eating healthily and exercising, developing healthy relationships, staying safe online, coping with change, understanding how to be a caring and responsible member of the community, how to look after their mental health and well-being, changes to our bodies (puberty) and reproduction (Year 6 only).


Other Elements of PSHE


All children will also take part in the NSPCC ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe’ campaign, national Anti-Bullying week and Safer Internet Day on an annual basis.


In addition to the above, the following areas of PSHE and Citizenship are covered within the year groups:


Year 3 – Fire Safety, Water Safety, Healthy Lifestyle (linked to Science) and Online Safety.

Year 4 – Online Safety and Dental Hygiene (linked to Science).

Year 5 – First Aid and Online Safety.

Year 6 – Drug and Alcohol Education (linked to Science) and Online Safety.


Outdoor Learning


Children in Years 3 and 4 will undertake at least 10 outdoor learning sessions over the course of the year. These sessions will focus on improving communication and collaboration between learners, as well as encouraging the children to develop their independence.




Throughout the year, the children will watch assemblies linked to different areas of PSHE. These cover a range of topics such as; positive learning behaviours, Fair Trade, online safety, fire safety, kindness and many others. 

Year 4 children taking part in the John Muir Award

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