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Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education - RE is taught in accordance with Shropshire’s Agreed Syllabus using a multi-faith approach, whilst reflecting the importance of the Christian Ethic and the way we behave towards one another.


Through a wide exploration of religious beliefs and practices we hope the children will gain a deepening insight into other religions as well as their own.


Collective Worship - Assemblies are held daily, and are either whole school or upper/lower school. Stories are shared which promote a knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the world values of caring for our world and each other. Our assemblies give opportunities to celebrate achievements both in and out of school.


The following religions are studied:


Year 3 – Judaism

Year 4 – Hinduism

Year 5 – Islam

Year 6 - Sikhism

The following topics are covered:






Y 3

Roaming Romans

What do people believe about God? RQ9


Why do Christian beliefs, approaches and practices towards Christmas differ? RQ14



How is belief expressed through symbols and actions? RQ10


How do people express their beliefs through worship and celebration? RQ2


How do we relate to others and the natural world? RQ6


Who am I? How have I grown as a person and who inspires me? RQ1

Y 4

Why is the Bible
important to Christians?

Food for thought
(South America link)

How do religious communities mark
special times in life?


Tomb Raiders

What happens when someone dies and why?



Easter RQ7, 10, 14

How does religious belief guide Hindu lifestyles? RQ13



Where do people’s

beliefs come from?


Y 5


Making sense of life

and death RQ12





Holy books and

influences on daily life RQ13

Beliefs about God


Y 6


Your country needs you!

WW1 - Why does religion help with suffering? How does it change?RQ7



Christian and Sikh weddings RQ2



Significant leaders in Sikhism and Christianity RQ9


Mayan creation story




Sikh places of worship and holy book RQ13


Who am I and where am

I going? RQ1 


Special Education Needs in Religious Education


How do we ensure all children can access RE lessons?


R.E. gives pupils with SEND the chance to build their self-confidence and awareness of other cultures via discussion. Children begin to further understand the world they live in as peers bring their own experiences and understanding of life into the classroom. The importance of differentiation in foundation subjects is important for ensuring all children access the curriculum. R.E. gives all pupils the chance to reflect on and consider their own values and those of others by increasing their knowledge of other cultures and religions.


SEND children are also aided by the partner-learning approach. All teachers carefully choose partners who will help children succeed and this is the case with R.E. Differentiation is also achieved by challenge-choosing: the choice aspect of how to express ideas benefits children with SEND who can pitch in with a chosen activity. Children of all abilities can develop a positive attitude towards others and show respect for their beliefs and experiences.


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