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Safer Schools Survey

The Safer School Policy Statement

Adopted by Market Drayton Junior School


“The school has recognised the link between a successful school, pupil contentment, parent satisfaction, community involvement and the implementation of an effective risk management system.


Through the risk management system the school intends to establish the safety and security of staff, pupils and their property as a priority. This will be achieved by monitoring activity in and around school in a structured manner. Stakeholders in the school will be fully conversant with the system and will be actively encouraged to make constructive contributions.


The school will undertake to reduce levels of anti-social and/or criminal activity through the accurate recording of incidents with specific details and locations: this will allow preventative actions to be taken in conjunction with all stakeholders.


The school has committed to developing systems which will enable staff and pupils to concentrate on the process of education, secure in the knowledge that the environment in which they are working is as safe as possible”

Safer Schools Survey

West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council support our school with the Safer School initiative. We are an accredited 'Safer School' and proud of our Safer School sign and certificate. The accreditation is reviewed every two years.


The initiative is a holistic, practical and realistic approach to school security and personal safety. It gives our school a clear focus on the subject and turns a negative subject into a positive one. It sets a minimum standard for school security.


The essential elements of the 'Safer School' process include: -


  1. Implementing a security policy that the governors have adopted.

  2. Consulting parents/carers and pupils/students for their views and updating them on any progress.

  3. Publicity of Safer Schools to school staff, pupils, school neighbours, parents and prospective parents.

  4. Establishing a Safer School Group. This Safer School Group is a partnership of school stakeholders – Headteacher/Deputy, staff, governors, parents, pupils, neighbours, Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police.

  5. Regularly reviewing and implementing good practice and essential security/safety measures for staff, pupils, the site and assets.

  6. Educating pupils through the Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum programme or the Safer School folder.

  7. A daily procedure for recording incidents should they occur i.e. trespass, burglary, theft, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, arson, suspicious activity etc., both during school hours and out-of hours.



Or use this QR Code to access the Safer School Survey, thank you.

Results of the Safer School Survey 2019


Thank you very much to everyone who undertook the survey again this year. The results are as follows:







Not sure

Do you feel that MDJS is a safe site?




Do you feel that the site is tidy and welcoming?




Do you consider the current school and directional signage around the site to be good?




Are you aware that as a parent visitor during the day, you should report to the school reception via the main entrance?




Do you feel that the visitor badges are well deployed during the school day?




Are you currently aware of people using our school site out-of-hours?




Safer School Meeting 2019


Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.  We received 57 responses this year and the results were overwhelmingly positive as you can see above.


The written comments we received were again very helpful and were discussed at our Safer School meeting on Thursday 16th May.


After the meeting, Ian Bartlett, Crime Prevention Officer for Shropshire Council, sent us this statement:


Another year and another successful Safer School Group meeting at Market Drayton Junior School. ‘Safer Schools’ is a security/safety initiative for the school site and the school was accredited  a ‘Safer School’ in 2008. The recent Safer School Group meeting was really positive and it clearly indicated the school’s commitment to the ‘Safer Schools’ initiative. During the meeting, we reviewed security/safety for the school site, reflected on any issues/incidents since the 2018 meeting and planned for the future. An essential element of the initiative involves communicating with governors, staff, pupils, parents/carers, Police, Council and this is reflected by the school holding an annual meeting, parent/carer surveys and newsletter items. Thorough work and the school was presented with an updated ‘Safer School’ certificate. A future meeting is planned for Spring 2020.





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