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SUMO day - Learn Latin

SUMO Day - Learn Latin


On Wednesday 25th June 2014 the school took part in the final SUMO morning ‘Learn Latin’. During an amazing assembly led by Mrs Saunders the children learnt the importance of taking action using the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘Seize the Day’ in order to ensure they make the most of their lives.

One of the children, inspired by this idea has written this motivating poem:


Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, seize the day

Don’t let your time waste away

The time is now, the time is right

To grab opportunities with all your might.


Yesterday has gone, tomorrow yet to be

Today is all you can guarantee

Take risks, explore the world you find

You cannot pause, you can’t rewind.


Whether you are young or old

Grasp life firmly – be bold!

Worry not what people say

Carpe Diem, seize the day.

By Ethan


During the rest of the morning the children worked together to research an inspirational figure from history who is remembered for taking action and seizing the day. In addition, they created pieces of art work which showed what success might look like for them.


The final SUMO morning was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who participated in the event. Thanks go to Mrs Saunders for organising another thought provoking and memorable event. 

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