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Summer Reading Challenge

We are actively encouraging children at the Infant and Junior School to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge.


The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children aged four to 11 to read during the long break, this year the focus is on funny books, and getting children to read whatever makes them happy.


You can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting your own personal reading Challenge to complete this summer. The Silly Squad website will help you keep track of your books, reviews, and the rewards you unlock along the way. How many books will you read?


The Silly Squad

Snook the penguin 

Izzie the octopus

Merry the giraffe

Lily the frog

Bamboozle the panda


If you complete your Challenge, you’ll also get a special certificate to print off and keep. The website has loads of brilliant book suggestions to get you started, and tips on how you can keep reading even while schools and libraries are closed. Did you know you can get e-books for free from your local library? You can also find heaps of super silly activities, quizzes, videos, games and more to keep you entertained at home!


This year’s Challenge runs from June to September, so there’s plenty of time to take part and get silly this summer.


So let’s get silly!

What do you need to do?

· Sign up to the challenge on the Silly Squad website – IT’S FREE! You can get eBooks for free from your local library

· Read at least SIX library books over the holidays

· Rate and review your books to unlock badges

· Play the games and download the free activities from the website

· Complete the Challenge and you’ll get your own certificate


You can also challenge yourself and read more than six! Maybe you want to try different types of books. Share your favourite books with other children taking part in the Challenge and even unlock extra rewards for your reading.


If you are not sure what to read during the summer like Brian then visit the Book Sorter on the Silly Squad website ( Nearly a million books have been added by other children on the Book Sorter so you can find out what books children have recommended and use the sorter to receive a some recommendations.


To join:


Let’s see how many books you will have read by the time you come back in September. Enjoy!


Joining the Library

By joining the library, you will be able to borrow e-books.  If you need to join the library:


Once you have joined the library you can login and access the library from:


Interactive Bar