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Reading at home

Many thanks to all the parents who attended the Reading at Home meetings today. We really appreciate the support parents give to children in helping them with their reading and Miss Kynaston demonstrated how to make this process even more effective through careful questioning.  


A copy of the questions shown during the meeting are listed below and can also be found under Curriculum / English.


Thank you very much to Miss Kynaston for leading the meetings in such an informative and entertaining manner. In addition, the school would like to thank the children who participated in the video sessions for their help.


Question prompts for Reading sessions


How can you tell that….?

What suggests that….?

Look at the paragraph….. What impression do you get of….

Which word most closely matches…..

Write down 3 things you are told about …

Find and copy one word that suggests……

What evidence is there of…..

Give two impressions this quote gives you about…..

What does the description tell us about….

Give the meaning of the word…… in the sentence…..

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