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Harvest Assembly at the Methodist Church

On Monday 7th October 2013 the children walked to the Methodist Church to participate in their Harvest Festival. The children had been practicing their singing for the event on Wednesday’s mornings and this was the opportunity for them to display their talents. The assembly, led by Miss Woods, focused on the importance of helping others as the children were informed that all the food collected by the church would be going towards the Market Drayton Food Bank. In addition, how the charity WaterAid is helping to provide clean running water for people living in Africa.

Reverend Baker cleverly demonstrated to the children how vegetables on display in the church had senses, for example, the eyes on a potato; the ears on wheat. Relating this to how children can use their senses to appreciate the natural world and help each other.

Thank you very much to the Reverend Baker for allowing the school to hold their assembly in such a lovely location. Many thanks to all the parents who helped walk the children to the church – we really appreciate all the support. Finally, thanks to Miss Woods for organising such a lovely assembly and for reminding us why we need to help others.

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