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6IR Parent Lunch

 Many thanks to the parents who attended Mr Richard's Parent Lunch on Friday 24th January. This is the feedback given to Miss Kynaston after their reading comprehension session with her:


Do you find it hard to get your child to read at home?

Varies - some yes, some no.


Do you feel more confident in helping your child with reading?




Was there a particular part of the session you found interesting?

Informative and interesting! Clear information, knowing the different types of questions to ask, watching the children do a comprehension and how they tackle it, how much vocabulary can be gained from reading 20 mins a night, it made me understand that she is reading but doesn’t necessarily understand the words, to see the actual SATs questions and understand the depth they need to go into, we welcome any chance to see how the children learn, realised that Bug Club is actually good practise for SATs, realising how important it is to make sure they understand the words they are reading, seeing how the mark scheme can ask children to express their opinions as fact - they can be correct but it’s not what the mark scheme wants.


Can you think of ways to improve the session moving forward?

Keep doing what you’re doing! Tell the children to vary their reading as they don’t listen to us, time in the library to explore new authors, kids to be included in more of the session to understand importance, ask more questions, get in early and tell parents when they start at the Juniors.


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