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6GC Parent Lunch

Many thanks to the parents who attended Miss Cartwright's Parent Lunch on Thursday 23rd January. This is the feedback given to Miss Kynaston after their reading comprehension session with her:


Do you find it hard to get your child to read at home?

Varies - yes, no, sometimes,


Do you feel more confident in helping your child with reading?



Was there a particular part of the session you found interesting?

Realising the high level of vocabulary the children need, knowing types of questions we can ask is useful, seeing them tackle a comprehension text and really see how their brain works! Interesting to see the reading speed expectation and how my child tackled it, the graphic which showed the impact on vocabulary reading can have, seeing the expectation at the end of Key Stage 2, can clearly see how important daily reading still is and how it is important in all subjects, we read every night but I now know we don’t read for long enough, interesting hearing my child read aloud and how much they stumbled—we need to do it more, nice to see how hard school are working to improve reading, realising they need to know the meaning of 95% of words to fully understand, the importance of reading a variety of books, not just Tom Gates,


Can you think of ways to improve the session moving forward?

More of these sessions and for other subjects, get the parents to do the comprehension at the same time and compare answers, nice to speak to other parents about reading and get their bribery tips,


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