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Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)


Shropshire Respect Yourself: Eat Better, Move More, Relationship and Sex Education Programme


As part of the statutory National Curriculum, aspects of relationship and sex education are taught to all pupils. This includes understanding growth, life cycles and reproduction for animals/mammals and naming of body parts.  We believe that this biological approach needs to be balanced with an emphasis on relationships, feelings, and values. We are particularly concerned to ensure our children know how to keep themselves safe and healthy and develop confidence and self-esteem to ensure they are not vulnerable or exploited in any way.


As part of personal and social health education. We are delivering the Shropshire Respect Yourself: Eat Better, Move More, Relationship and Sex Education programme. Supported by Discovery Education’s Health and Relationships programme. This programme is a digital programme that has been written by subject-expert teachers. It covers all areas of the statutory Relationship and Health Education National Curriculum and also aspects of the Relationships and Sex Education National Curriculum.


Our RSHE curriculum is delivered alongside our PSHE curriculum. Certain aspects of the RSHE curriculum are delivered during whole school PSHE mornings and other aspects, which are more age sensitive, are delivered to children in their own classes.


More details of the content covered can be found in the documents below.

Special Education Needs in RSE


How do we ensure all children can access RSE lessons?


Our RSE planning is designed to ensure that all children are able to access lessons and are enthusiastic learners. Differentiation within lessons is a vital component to ensure that a balance of support and challenge are achieved for all abilities. Differentiation is adjusted as expectations of individual pupils rise through progress. Effective quality first teaching is the key to enabling all children to participate and develop personally, socially and emotionally. 


It is recognised that SEND pupils may require additional support with the RSE curriculum and can be at increased risk of exploitation. Individual support or targeted programmes may be considered. Parents and pupils will be involved and consulted.  

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