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Lesson 6

Music Time!                                 


This week is all about



You are going to find out about Cuban rhythms and have a go at playing some yourself using percussion sounds you can find at home.


If you are in school, then you can replace each percussion sound with a body percussion sound. Think clapping, tapping you knees, patting your chest, clicking your fingers. You could tap your desk or chair too. 


  • Go to BBC Ten Pieces at home, you will find it here:


  • Scroll down a bit and find WEEK 8


Learn and perform Cuban rhythms inspired by Bernstein’s Mambo…


  • Watch the first clip and learn about the story behind a piece of music called Mambo. It’s from Leonard Bernstein’s musical, “West Side Story”.


  • Watch the second clip and learn to make your own Cuban rhythms using percussion instruments you can find at home. Or use body percussion.


  • Pause the video often and take time to practise. It’s great fun, I just had a go at learning all the rhythms and I found pausing the film and practising each rhythm really helps!


Which Cuban rhythm will you choose to play along to Mambo?


How did you do?

If it’s still tricky, just replay the video as many times as you need.

If you are confident with your rhythms, don’t forget to perform it to someone.


Have fun!

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