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Lesson 5

Summer term week 5


Hello Everyone!


Time for some music!

This week I’ve sent you a musical warm-up video to try. This warm-up is called Don’t clap this one back. How quickly can you spot the rhythms that you don’t clap back? Can you beat me, I’m a bit slow at it in this video! Click here to watch the video - Don’t clap this one back


Have fun!

Now make yourself comfortable, get a blanket, a drink, a teddy and relax and listen to this podcast.


David Walliams’ Marvellous Musical Podcast - Mozart




Learn about Mozart and listen to his famous music in this entertaining podcast with David Walliams!


Scroll down this Classic FM page, and click on Episode 1 – Mozart. The podcast lasts about 17 minutes.

As you listen, why not try to answer these questions?

  1. In what year was Mozart born, and in which country?
  2. How old was Mozart when he wrote his first symphony?
  3. When he was 14 how did he impress everyone?
  4. What bird inspired the tune for a piano concerto?
  5. Who was Mozart’s enemy?!
  6. What was the name of his famous musical work which was his ‘come back’?

If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, then there are nine more to listen to at the Classic FM website.



And have a great holiday!

From Mrs. Alston

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