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Lesson 4

Hello Everyone,                                                                                             Summer term week 4


I hope you are all OK. Did you enjoy a lovely bank holiday weekend?

Here is a new musical activity for you to try at home…



Beatboxing is making percussions sounds, like drums and cymbals, using your voice.



Beatboxing with Incredibox

Create music with your voice by beatboxing! Learn how to beatbox from the videos, then compose a rhythm using Incredibox! Build up your beats online and they try beatboxing along!

Compose a piece of beatboxing music.


(Compose means making up your own music)


  • Once you are on the Incredibox website choose one of the free versions of beatboxing rhythms to work with.


  • Add and build up rhythms by putting jackets, hats and sunglasses on the members of the band. Turn these sounds on and off to get the effect to are looking for.


  • When you have finished your beatboxing music you can record it. Click on the menu button and a red record button will appear, use this to start and stop your recording.


  • Play back your recording and think about the sounds and rhythms you have created. Are you happy with it? Do you need to change anything?


  • Can you beatbox along to your recording?


Once you are happy with your music you could make a film of it and send it to your teacher or show someone at home.


Have fun!


If you enjoy singing and want to do more, don’t forget to look on the Sing Up website, and go to their Sing Up at Home area for songs to learn and join in with.

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