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Lesson 3

Week 3


Hello everyone,

Here is a great musical activity you can try this week and there is an extra challenge if you want to do more!




This week’s song is called “A Little Bit of Kindness”.


I know you love singing, so take a look at the Out of the Ark web site and go to the Out of the Ark music or click here @home area. Find week 2 and the song: A Little Bit of Kindness.

Or click the video below.


' A Little Bit Of Kindness ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

Together On Tuesday - A Little Bit Of Kindness This is an infuriatingly catchy song with a slight Latin lilt and an incredibly valuable message: 'what a diff...

  • Sing along with this catchy song with a Latin feel and a valuable message: “What a difference we can make when we brighten someone’s day”.


  • Extra challenge: when you know the song, why not choreograph a dance to it? Then teach the song and dance to someone at home.


  • If you want to think about the lyrics of this song a bit more then go to “view song activities” for suggestions of things to do.


Want more singing? There is a song for every day of the week on this site!


Have fun!

A Little Bit of Kindness Additional Activities

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