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Summer Term

Clubs Summer Term 2017


At Market Drayton Junior School we try to offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs. They offer the chance to participate in fun, energetic and creative activities. Remember children can receive stamps in their passports for attending clubs.




Meets every Friday lunch time.


Sports Committee

Meets every Friday lunch time. The children organise various sporting activities for the other children to participate in.


Yoga Club


Mrs Pinches runs a Yoga Club in the Music Room for children in Years 5 and 6.


Ukulele Club


Each Monday lunchtime our Ukulele Club meets in the Music Room to have fun and develop their Ukulele playing skills. They have been learning to play the Ukulele as part of the Music curriculum so it’s great that the Ukulele Club enjoyed it so much that they wanted to take it further. We are really looking forward to having some more performances later in the term.


Athletics Club


Athletics Club run by Mr Hayward on Wednesdays this term will focus on developing the children’s running techniques. They will learn how to pace themselves during distance running as well as how to maximise the speed of their sprints.


Lego Club


Lego Club runs every Wednesday lunchtime, 12.30 - 1.05pm, for Year 3 & 4 pupils.


Airborne Gymnastics

Airborne Gymnastics is a recreational gymnastics club that wants to produce more opportunities for children to participate in gymnastics and allow them the chance to train and become familiar with basic gymnastic skills that will not only advance them within the sport but also teach them everyday skills such as balance and co-ordination.


Valor Ju Jitsu


Valor Ju Jitsu is currently run by Mr Phillips on a Wednesday from 3.05-4.20pm in the school hall. Learn to: strengthen confidence; develop respect for others; boost awareness; build fitness; enhance co-ordination and develop self-defence. Contact Mr Phillips on 07794577797. Visit the website.


Gardening Club

Gardening club currently runs on a Wednesday from 3.05 – 4.00pm, with Mr Boughey.


Impact Tennis


Mr Williams will be focusing on improving general tennis skills during his coaching sessions with the children, on various Wednesday afternoons throughout the term. The sessions will take place on the playground, from 3.05 - 4.00pm.




Miss Shelley-Hitchen currently runs an archery club on the yard for Years 4 and 5.



Miss Kynaston leads the Year 3 and 4 choir in the hall, while Mrs Wakelin takes the Year 5 and 6 choir in the Music room every Thursday from 3.05 until 4.00pm. They will participate in great vocal activities and sing a wide range of songs.


School Council


Meets Friday lunch time.



Currently, SevernSports, a company based in Shrewsbury, deliver a rounders course to all year groups on a Friday. The sessions run from 3.05 – 4.15pm on the yard.



Change 4 Life is run during Friday lunchtime and is led by a coach from SevernSports. The club teaches the children the importance of leading healthy active lifestyles through increasing activity levels. It is aimed at those children who don't enjoy the typical traditional games that are played on the playground e.g. football which are highly competitive. It provides children with an extensive range of high quality equipment for children to explore and develop their own activities, games and skills. Children can participate in group activities or can work independently. The children are taught the importance of being active in a creative and motivating way.






Day and time

Year Group

 Mrs Pinches


 Monday 3.05 - 4.00

 Years 5/6

 Mrs Giles


 Monday lunch time

 All years

 Airborne  Airborne Gymnastics Tuesday 3.15 - 4.15   All years
 Mrs Green  Lego  Wednesday lunch time  Year 3/4

 Mr Phillips

 Ju Jitsu

 Wednesday 3.05 - 4.20

 All years

 Mrs Dean


 Wednesday 3.05 - 4.15

 Years 3/4

 Mr Boughey


 Wednesday 3.05 – 4.15

 All years

 Mr Williams

 Impact Tennis

 Wednesday 3.05 – 4.00

 All years

 Miss Shelley  Archery  Wednesday 3.05 - 4.15  Years 4/5
 Mr Hayward  Athletics  Wednesday 3.05 - 4.00  Years 5/6

 Miss Kynaston


 Thursday 3.05 - 4.00

 Years 3/4

 Mrs Wakelin


 Thursday 3.05 - 4.00

 Years 5/6

 Miss Kynaston

 School Council

 Friday lunch time

 All years

 Mrs Fenton  Eco Warriors  Friday lunch time  All years
 Miss Shelley  Sports Committee  Friday lunch time  All years
 SevernSports  Change4Life  Friday lunch time  All years
 SevernSports  Rounders  Friday 3.15 - 4.15  All years



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